About us:

About Us:

 At Healthy Spine Uk, we offer sessions, treatments and courses in South Wales, Uk, to include  Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises and Chi Touch.

Based in Monmouthshire, South Wales

Our aim at Healthy Spine Uk

We aim to provide an a comprehensive system to maintain long term health through back care systems and treatments as well as exercise systems such as Tai chi, helping bring about balance, vitality and longevity. We can help you not only to be free from aches, pains and discomforts but also help with prevention and reducing overall stress on your system.  We offer a number of treatments as well as group tuition where we share our therapeutic knowledge and skills.

You can come on a personal retreat and enjoy one of our well-being programs which offer you an opportunity to really relax and get yourself back into balance in a supportive environment.  We also offer free spine checks – giving insight into your spinal alignment and overall balance, and where any adjustments could help ease tensions and re-align

 Our Comprehensive Program:  How We Can Help

Effectively looking after our selves can mean greatly reducing the stresses and strains we put on our bodies.    At Healthy Spine we offer a selection of practices that can either be stand-alone sessions or be combined in a comprehensive program to support you in recovering health and well-being.

The Spinal Touch Treatment can address imbalances caused by injury, trauma, wear and tear, both long and short term.  It can help with even severe mis-alignment issues, scoliosis, lordosis etc. and bring about lasting change.   As we improve alignment and come more into balance, we will naturally engage appropriate muscles and avoid excess tension – this can result in dramatic improvements in our overall health and well-being.

The Alexander Technique 

The Alexander Technique is a mind – body approach that can be applied to any activity we do E.g. sitting at a computer, driving, etc helping determine how we can be more balanced and aligned to reduce strain and wear and tear. It can help with: recovery from injury, stress relief and prevention, improving performance and productivity – and more

Tai chi and Qi Gong Exercises 

The perfect exercise system to help you attain fitness – without excess strain or exertion.  Tai chi Qi Gong exercises are designed to help open joints and gently increase mobility.  It also aids release of tensions and stress, gently challenges