Bel Spencer

Bel by castleBel Spencer B.A. Phil Lit    M.S.T.A.T,  TFT ,  CERT SPI

 Bel has over ten years experience as a holistic practitioner.  Her key area of specialism is with working with spinal alignment, mobility, posture and back pain. Her qualifications include Spinal Touch and Alexander Technique teacher training, as well as coaching and Qi Gong.  She also offers tuition at the University of Wales in the Alexander Technique and its applications to performance.  

Her aim is to help people re-discover the dynamic use of their bodies free of pain and restricted mobility.  She is particularly interested in improving quality of their life though providing self-help tools through a variety of medium.

Bel teaches in South Wales in Swansea and on the Gower peninsula as well as around the uk. please contact her for further details of sessions available.

Bel working with client in Alexander Technique session

Bel working with client in Alexander Technique session

‘Bel’s cool confident fingers and gentle touch, along with an easily grasped method of stretching made a positive difference to my daily life’

Ian Mc Cann, Kindred Spirit Magazine

Training and Background

Bel trained as a Spinal Touch practitioner with Lightouch therapy training in Devon with Susanna Terry.  She completed a threee year training at the Bristol Alexander Technique training school (graduating in 2005), before going on to do a postgraduate work at the Fellside school in Kendal.    She also studied with the Shen Hongxun College (Belgium/ Uk) with Dr Shen Hongxun to teach the Qi Gong  (Taijiwuxigong) exercise system for two years.    Combining her knowledge in each of these fields, she offers a wealth of practical advice and for maintaining health and well-being, as well as treating both long and short term muscular-skeletal issues.

Bel continues to update her training and feels very lucky to have worked with some very inspiring teachers such as Rosa Louisa Rossi from Switzerland, Lucia and Elizabeth Walker -from Oxford and Kathy Madden from the US.

Bel also has a degree at the University of Warwick in (Phil/ lit) and has ongoing interests in voice, indian raga singing,  theatre and health and fitness.

Sessions Include:

* Spinal Touch Treatment

* Chi Touch and Chi Exercises 

* Alexander Technique