neck pain

neck pain?

Computer work can be one of the key activities leading to discomfort – either in the back or neck – If you are experiencing back or neck pain at work, here are some pointers that may help you to explore how you can find relief, or at least become better at identifying the things that exacerbate you condition so that you can become better at preventing the issue worsening. This could involve avoiding certain movements and activities, or it could involve exploring what you are doing in certain activities so that you can change postural habits, improve balance and alignment and generally reduce the stress and strain upon your body.
To begin, if we look at the sitting position. This is a posture that we may use for long periods of the day, and, bearing in mind that to sit is not a position that you could say the human body is ‘designed’ to do for long periods – if at all! The spine is also under more stress when sitting than standing. It is therefore a good idea to vary our position regularly – get up and move around.

Computer work and neck / back pain If you sit for long periods at a computer you have the added stimulus of attempting to read the screen, which can

An Alexander Teacher helping an office worker

How to ease back and neck pain with the Alexander Technique

involve stress and tension in the neck. While we may not feel this for some time, it is advisable to seek the help of an Alexander Teacher to help you to maintain poise and freedom in your neck and back whilst carrying out the activity. It is important that you don’t try too hard when working to improve your posture, so the key is to make it sustainable so that you can work in a way that is ideally effortless and free.