The Alexander Technique and Performance

The Alexander Technique can help reduce and alleviate undue stresses and strains in any given activity, helping us achieve more with less discomfort.  We can learn how to move efficiently and in keeping with our bodies’  design by following a few simple principles to help prevent wear and tear and tension that can be especially noticeable when undertaking repetitive movements or when we are wanting to achieve, complete a task with a deadline.


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Confidence and Body Language

What do our bodies ‘speak’ about us? There can be many reasons why we do not stand tall, confident and free. Sometimes it is due to health, energy levels, sometimes self-esteem, and sometimes just habit. Yet how many of us realise the true benefits? For a start, there are all kinds of ailments, aches and pains, joint issues etc that can be prevented simply through altering our posture so that we are more in alignment and exerting less unnecessary effort. However, this is often more easily said than done.
As we go about our days, we may not even notice how we are carrying ourselves from A to B. It may just happen in a blur, because our minds may be distracted with other things in the past or the future, so that we find it hard to be in the present moment. Many people comment, when learning the Alexander Technique on how surprisingly different they feel when they stand taller and stop dropping their heads forward and rounding their shoulders and how they feel it also affects the way they come across.
Low self-esteem can often go hand in hand with poor posture, and negative thoughts can quite literally appear to ‘pull you down’. By reversing the effect through postural self-adjustment you also reverse the psycho-emotional cause. It becomes easier to think more positively when you are standing free and upright and we can feel better about ourselves. Not only this but we become more adept in the way we respond and interact with situations we encounter in life.