Low back pain can affect most people at some stage in their lives.  Usually they do not take action with the first onset of a problem, however, if you’re aware that in a large number of cases you can help your self  by caring for your back appropriately, you may have a better chance of recovering.
Joints for bending  If we were to make some simple changes, we could improve the way we sit, move stand and be in better shape.
If there are certain activities that agitate the condition, such as gardening, digging, vacuuming, or any tasks that require you bending forward for a certain length of time, it is worth finding out if there is something in the way that you are moving during the activity that could be different.  This is where the Alexander Technique can help you, for instance in improving the way that you bend so that you move efficiently, using the joints as they are designed to work and not bending in the middle of the back – i.e. hunching over which can create undue strain on the vertebrae and cause us to be out of balance.
Its important to be clear that we are using the joints appropriately as we go into and out of a bend.
  • We should maintain the weight directly over the feet.
  • We should not need to push hard with the legs.
  • The knees should release forwards freely.
  • And, importantly, we should allow the head to lead the movement.
When an assumption is made that there is nothing we can do about the issue, we tend to give up and this does not help our chances of getting better.  The same applies to taking pain killers, which is only masking the problem.