Do you spend long periods looking at computer screen?  Do you suffer from eye strain?  Exposure to bright sunlight, glare from computer screens or other technological equipment and / or car headlights can be common factors that people complain contributes to their symptoms.  In fact, experiencing strain and fatigue around the eyes is not at all unusual and something that we need to learn how to deal with in modern living.

When we switch off, we naturally want to close the eyes to help them relax.  However, unless we’re in a very dark room there is still light that will find its way to stimulate our eyes. For complete relaxation of the eye pupil, we really want the eye to be bathed in darkness.

Here is an exercise that can help you achieve this effect – and can be done in most environments (except for driving a car!).  You may find it helpful in relieving some of these uncomfortable symptoms associated with strain and tension in the eyes.    You can do this for around 5 minutes when you feel the need or at intervals to give your eyes a break from the computer screen.

Eye Relaxation Exercise: 'Palming'

How to Relieve Eye Strain

Eye Exercise:  Palming

  • Decide on your preferred position.  You an do this sitting  or lying down.
  • Slowly bring your palms up towards your eyes one at a time.  Softly cup your palms creating warm dark spaces for your eyes to rest in complete darkness.
  • Cover the eyes one at a time, so as to exclude all the light
  • Think of softening the whole eye and the area around it, allowing the darkness to bathe the eye, helping the pupil to relax.

NB  Palming also helps relax the mind and nervous system and can help with general relaxation and reducing stress and strain.  

Some other factors to consider would be:

  • Reducing the glare of your computer – i.e. turning down the brightness of the screen.
  • Examine the height of your computer screen and make sure it is at eye level and can be viewed comfortably and without craning your neck.
  • Looking to either side and into the distance (preferably out of a window)